"Amsnorth is full of myth and legend, history and war. Its great beauty has faced some horrific events."
―About Amsnorth
Known world-Amsnorth

The known world. This map includes towns, villages and cities, but excludes everything else.

Amsnorth is the name of the entire 'known world' that all the events and stories take place. It is called the Known World mainly because there have been many hints that there are other civilizations that have yet to be discovered.

There are four main islands in the whole world, Dwavern Kingdom, Main Lands, Summer of Priest and Wizardear. However all of these factions are split into several kingdoms.


The continent of Amsnorth are rather wide and long. Some of the lands, majority in the East are uncharted, this is due to the cold weather and teaming lands filled with somewhat dangerous creatures. Amsnorth is roughly based on the scale of all the continents around 19,000 miles. While the West, the North and the East are both joined together, they are a few thousand miles from the Dwavern Kingdom and Summer of Priest and Wizardear. There are many oceans in which surround Amsnorth, many of which have their own names and meanings.

There are thirty-one major cities in Amsnorth: Gran Sarathal, Qhylen, Phylon, Markwall, Windhark, The Golden Halls, Missundi, GarreneariGreatwood City, Scaly City, Bambuda, Santi Thumwan, Allona, Kingsport, Oakwood City, Pinewood City, Elftown, Rocky Vale and Highgrand. Seaborrow, Dwarfport, L'Talio, Cambreto, L'Tyroll, Winterfay, Osthold, Aldsnow, Pryfort, Ravenfort, J'hanhaven and Oldness

Originally before the War of Kings, each of the cities had their own independence and Lord, with six of them having their own Kings and Queens. Now all the cities fall under the command of the High King that sits upon the Golden Throne in Gran Sarathal.


  • Dwavern Kingdom: The Dwarves are hardy folk, also stubborn and very greedy. They populate this area of Amsnorth greatly, and are the second most populated race, after the Humans. The Dwavern Kingdom is a vast land filled with large mountains and large untamed lands. The Rusty Mountains makes up for over  eight hundred miles of the lands, and its high peaks can be seen from hundreds of miles away. It shares a border with no other land, being its stand along place of government. Despite its own land, the Lord of the Golden Halls still answers to the High King of Gran Sarathal. It is ruled by House Boulderrock, before the title was only given as Lord of Gold, the lands were ruled by kings before that. The dwarves pray upon the god named Athanasia.
  • The West: The Western Territories is a vast land which covers the second most land than any other continent. It has fertile soils and is home to many forests and glooming lands. Due to its large fertile lands, the West is home to the most villages, towns and farms, with the main trade coming directly from the cities. It also hold the huge reservation in which the mysterious Hauket name their home. Greatwood is the largest forest in all Amsnorth. It covers nearly one thousand miles of land and is home to Greatwood City. The city is one of the three other cities of the Wood-Elves; the others being: Elftown, Oakwood City and Pinewood City. The West is home to several major houses: House Heartan (the High Kings and Queens), House Thash and House Wolfbane. House Heartan is the biggest house in all the lands, with their leaders serving as both High King and Queen of Amsnorth. The religions in the West are varied, with many praying for all the gods. The Dragons were the most respected in this area of the lands. There were many temples built to honour them, but most were destroyed by the Dark Wizard Azugon.
  • The North: The Northern Territories is the largest by scale, and the most highly populated. Despite this the North has enormous uncharted lands in which no settlements remain. With only a few inns and taverns along the roads, many travellers have little shelter from the outside world. The North is under the ruler-ship of House Lukie, the second largest and powerful house of all. The smaller house of House Wishel remains a large part of the lands trade and ships. The land has many islands that are spread out across its seas, with many of these unpopulated, these are however highly resourceful areas and are home to many miners. The North is also home to the largest mountain in all Amsnorth, reaching almost 49,000 feet into the air. The Solar Mountain is surrounded by the dangerous forest of Darkwood.
  • The East: This land is not very much populated, but has the most of large wilderness. Large hills, swampy areas, tall mountains, ancient villages and castles, all lie within its borders. Much of the land is enchanted with snowy areas as the sun gains little light upon it.  The ancestral seat of House Heartan lies within its large rocky mountains, named the Rocky Vale. There are two main mountains within the land also, known as the Shard Mountains and Dragonbone Mountain, locked in Dragonbone Island. 
  • Summer of Priest: This land is ruled by the Green-Elves, even though they have no house, there are major people which govern over its people. The land is north of the Northern Territories.
  • Wizardear: Once a land of great beauty, now a place of misery and evil. It is ruled by the Dark-Elves, seat of Garreneari. Once the most visited place for tourists,  now it is an abandoned wasteland, with little attractions. Before the Great Purge, the magical school which educated young Magical Beings was once there. The Academy of Magical Beings is now a destroyed castle.

Seas and OceansEdit

  • The Golden Sea lies west of the Dwavern Kingdom. The Golden Sea circles the island, and trailes for thousands of miles to the westm, it passes through the unknown territories, where no man has ventured. It is called Golden Sea as when the sun shines on its waves, it forms gold like sparkles.
  • Black Sea lies north of the Main Lands, like the Golden Sea it goes for thousands of miles and into unknown lands. It was named Black Sea because of its huge amount of oil buried under its deep oceans.
  • Magic Sea lies around the island of Wizardear. It is not as large as the other seas, however it is teaming with very rare lifeforms. 
  • Ruby Ocean lies within the West. It is a small ocean around 400 miles in length. It gains its name from the countless rubies buried under the ground bellow. 
  • Frozen Ocean lies south of the Eastern Territories. It is perhaps the largest known ocean. It is called Frozen as its temperature goes bellow freezing. It is so cold that you would only last several seconds in before you die. Most of it is iced over, and it goes on for thousands of miles. No man has been able to pass through as the coldness freezes ships into iceblocks. And because it is so cold, no mortal can survive near its seas.


These islands are not the main ones, like Wizardear or Summer of Priest, but the minor ones that lay around most of the known world.

  • Great Valour Islands: A Kingdom where the first humans were discovered. It is the most civil of all the islands, and once held the first human king. It has one city Highgrand.
  • Fishers Cove: A small island north of the Dwavern Kingdom. It is named Fishers Cove as it is a small place where all fishermen go to fish for seafood and dig for gems and gold.
  • Shattered Islands: A bunch of cracked and scattered islands that are inhabited by few people. It owns no lord nor any political leader, but houses many of the races.
  • Prisoners Bay: A small island that is the main prison for criminals. It is roughly 50 miles from the north of the Western Territories. It is a huge rock which a massive building spanning more than 30 miles in length. It has been discribed as being a miserable place of horror.
  • True Steel Islands: Several islands that are the main area for mining steel and iron. It also has Ancient Steel, one of the strongest metals in the world. 
  • Villanna Islands: A Kingdom that inhabits several civilizations. It was once, like the Great Valour Island, a separate nation with its own government. But after the Dark-Elf Empire conquered them thousands of years ago, it is now apart of the Main Lands.
  • Kraken Island: A small island that is said to inhabit the huge kraken creature. 
  • Worlds Eyes: A group of three islands that are rumoured to be rich in magic and glory. However every traveller who have tried to venture into its lands have never returned. It is said to be a beautiful land.
  • Burnt Islands: The home to the Dark-Elves and one of the first places to have a civilization. It is now a deserted island.
  • Screecher Island: Home to the monster bats called Screechers.
  • Pure Islands: A rather medium sized island. It is very remote and difficult to get to as it is protected by powerful magic, magic so powerful that even Azugon could not break through. It is said that the island features an ancient power that only the pure of hearts may gain. No person has been of pure heart, and it is almost impossible for one to be.
  • Pirate's Cove: A lethal place full of thugs and criminals. It has its own government, and is ruled by overlords. Around 20,000 pirates visit this place a year, where they gather their food and supplies. It is also a large trading post. It is rumoured that within its mountains there is a vast treasure, but no one has found it yet.
  • Dragonbone Islands: A deserted island and a fire wasteland. It has been home to countless dragons, hence its name. It also features a massive volcanio, and the only one in Amsnorth. Many people have said if the volcanio exploded it would wipe out around half of Amsnorth. Because of this, Azugon sealed it with magic, and built a base inside, named Dark Haven.


Cities - by sizeEdit

  • Gran Sarathal - the capital city and the largest of all. It has a square mile of over 100 miles. It holds over 800,000 people and is the highest populated of all the cities. It is also home to the King and Queen of Amsnorth, and the head state of the head government, Human Royal Government. 
  • Qhylen - the second largest city, and the head of the Northern Territories. It is around 97 square miles in size, and holds over 600,000 people. It is ruled by House Lukie the second most powerful house in all the lands. 
  • Phylon - the third largest city, and owned by House Thash, the dwavern nobility. It is roughly 86 square miles in size, only a little smaller than Qhylen. It has a population of over 500,000 people, mainly dwarves.
  • Windhark - the fourth largest city and owned by House Lukie. It has a population of over 260,000 people and is inhabited by nearly all the races, execpt the elves. Elves are not allowed because Robert Lukie hates the elves for his own personal reasons. It is around 84 square miles.
  • Markwall - the fifth largest city, and owned by House Wolfbane. It has a population 150,000 people. It is a beautiful place, and one of the oldest cities of all. It is under 78 square miles long.
  • Golden Halls - the sixth largest city, but has one of the largest populated areas in Amsnorth. It is within the Dwavern Kingdom, and serves as their capital. 750,000 people stay there, most of which are dwarves. The city is very crammed, and is full of houses. It is around 76 square miles.
  • Garreneari - the seventh largest city, and home to the Dark-Elves, locted within Wizarear. It is not greatly populated, but is around 40 square miles in size. Only 5,000 people reside there, making it the lest populated out of all the cities, and making it even less populated than some villages. It is the capital city of Wizardear and the dark-elves.
  • Kingsport - the eight largest city, being over 39 square miles. Around 60,000 people stay there, and it is a royal city. It is one of the three royal cities, the others being Gran Sarathal and Rocky Vale.
  • Missundi - the ninth largest city, and home to the Green-Elves located within Summer of Priest. It is around 19 square miles in size with a population of 20,000. It has the best education in all the lands.
  • Highgrand - the tenth largest city, being around 15 square miles and a population of 18,000 people.
  • Elftown - the eleventh largest city, and the largest elf Wood-Elf city. It has a population of 38,000 people, and unlike most wood-elf cities, it is not surrounded in woods. It is around 13 square miles.
  • Allona - the twelth largest city, and the largest trade city in all the lands. It is around 10 square miles, and is very crowed with over 100,000 people residing within.
  • Santi Thumwan - the thirteenth largest city, with a populaion of 45,000 people with a square millage of 9 miles. It is the largest city and civilization in Wizardear, and despite being larger than Garreneari, it is not the dark-elf capital.
  • Bambuda - the fourteenth largest city, with a population of over 200,000 people, it is a highly populated place, despite being only 8 square miles. It is a crammed place, and sufferes sever crime as its high population causes much problems.
  • Greatwood City - the fifteenth largest, and the capital of the wood-elves. It is home to the Wood-Elf Monarchy and the head state of the elves. It has a square mile of just under 8 miles, but it is possibly the highest of all cities in terms of how high its houses go up. The average house is around 50 feet off the ground, with the highest being over 70 feet in the air. It has a population of 10,000 people.
  • Pinewood City - the sixteenth largest city in Amsnorth, with the size of 3 square miles in size, and a population of 5,000 people.
  • Oakwood City - the seventeenth largest city, being around 2 square miles and a population of 15,000 people, making it a highr populated city than Greatwood City.
  • Scaly City - the eighteenth largets city, being under 1 square miles in size. It is very small and is the capital of the nimidorians. It is located within the Dwavern Kingdom and buries itself miles underground. It also has a underwater village located inside the city.
  • Rocky Vale - the ninteenth largest city, it is more of a castle than anything else. It is around 0.5 square miles in size, with a population of over 500 people. It has tousands of houses built around the city, and the rocky mountains surrounding it. It is the least populated of all cities, mainly because of its status in the mountains. It is the ancestor city of House Ashstone, and one of the royal cities
  • Seaborrow
  • Dwarfport
  • L'Talio
  • Cambreto
  • L'Tyroll
  • Winterfay
  • Osthold
  • Aldsnow
  • Pryfort
  • Ravenfort
  • J'hanhaven
  • Oldness


Dwavern KingdomEdit

Western TerritoriesEdit

  • Hamordil
  • Reach
  • Greentown
  • Falkstar
  • Seatown
  • Redtown
  • Rivertown
  • Brightown
  • Morthtown
  • Tyrntown
  • Airwell
  • Hoobtown
  • Karthtown

Northern TerritoriesEdit

  • Windstone
  • Dragonstone
  • Battoo
  • Silverstead
  • Pinetown
  • Oakfield
  • Iverun
  • Pundi
  • Greatown
  • Oahly
  • Marshtown
  • Helgen
  • Treva
  • Grukun

Eastern TerritoriesEdit

  • Storm-Bridge
  • Kraven
  • Snowport
  • Silvershire
  • Elendra
  • Snow Village


  • Gourlay
  • Sheer
  • Coldtown
  • Chantry
  • Fenwhick

Summer of PriestEdit

  • Riverfell
  • Greenteem
  • Greenfort
  • Winterarth
  • Meek

Great Valour IslandsEdit

  • Kurkon
  • Shatterhill
  • Than'se'Ro
  • Oldtown
  • Wayyerntown
  • Hightower
  • Fanghill
  • Mykedr
  • Minsky
  • Skun
  • Godstown
  • Hungu
  • Umber
  • Stander

Burnt IslandsEdit

  • Enflone
  • Balamirron
  • Oldham
  • Illhul
  • Gallion


Dwavern KingdomEdit

  • Ashfort
  • Axehorn
  • Orzik
  • Mungomory
  • Hightown
  • Lowtown
  • Mudtown
  • Undertown
  • Blacktown
  • Collyskin
  • Cowdunflee
  • Pinefield
  • Civiltown
  • Stonecliff
  • Greybridge
  • Stronghollow
  • Freymarsh
  • Lochpond
  • Maplekeep
  • Grassbrook
  • Jhanden
  • Dragonhill
  • Axehom
  • Cornview
  • Southwater
  • Akatona
  • Westbank
  • Wyvernham
  • Lorbady
  • Orville
  • Greybook
  • Aldmage
  • Belfield
  • Almill
  • Lochollow
  • Sarmont
  • Esterfield
  • Pearlhold
  • Linshire
  • Northmill
  • Roseice
  • Bekgate
  • Aleview

Western TerritoriesEdit

  • Couangus
  • Rivertown
  • Summerhold
  • Skytown
  • Invergordeon
  • Kabub
  • Munahara

Northern TerritoriesEdit

  • Kingallow
  • Ivytown
  • Victotown
  • Santion


  • Kau Para
  • Haui Raie
  • Latdaroni
  • Nach Paen
  • Kaeng
  • Khaeg
  • Do Sung


Dwavern KingdomEdit

Western TerritoriesEdit

  • Leyawuin
  • Sinwach
  • Tomb of Devan

Northern TerritoriesEdit

  • Rathorn Castle
  • Shadow Castle
  • Castle Hightower
  • Fosowrn

Eastern TerritoriesEdit

  • The White Tower
  • North Shrine
  • Zepun Tower
  • Blackend Tower
  • Dungash
  • Crystaltown
  • Ice Castle


Summer of PriestEdit

  • Greenhalls
  • Sea Castle
  • The Arena of Legends
  • Mordus Castle
  • Tall Green Tower
  • Hall of the Elves
  • Mimek's Tomb
  • Castle of Thredd the Terrible


Dwavern KingdomEdit

Western TerritoriesEdit

  • Kathstag
  • Fort Yarlo
  • Fort Mongolo

Northern TerritoriesEdit

  • Fort Mornto

Eastern TerritoriesEdit

  • Fort Highfever
  • Rime Tower
  • Fort Gardus


  • Linkoln
  • Numore
  • Temple of Gala

Summer of PriestEdit

  • Fort Highflower


The weather in Amsnorth is unusual and can change almost instantly. Within the Dwavern Kingdom, the weather is fair and dull, while the West is almost in a constant pour of rain. However some parts may well find that areas are hit by powerful beams of the sun, while others are hit by the cold.

Little snow falls from the skies, and when it does it is usually very strong and can cause major problems for the people living. On the Strands of the Axes, where it has never felt rain, the sun heats at such strengths that it could kill many weak people. 

Biology and AnthropologyEdit


  • Humans - they are the most highly populated race of them all and cover every part of the lands. The humans are the same as those in Earth, expect they are able to become magical people known as Magical Beings. Their skin colour ranges from white and black, with several colours of hair and eyes. The average man stands about 5.5 feet tall.
  • Elves - there are three different kinds of elves: the wood-elves, green-elves and dark-elves. While they are not as highly populated as the humans or dwarves, they are all renowned. The wood-elves are regarded as being the greatest in all Amsnorth for their master of archery, while the green-elves are experts in alchemy. The dark-elves are master of agility, but they are tainted by honour and power. The wood-elves are based off the appearances of the Chinese, while the green-elves are much like humans but with green skin, they are similar to the Irish. The dark-elves are based from the Japanese.
  • Dwarves - the second most highly populated race of all, the dwarves are known for their stump-like appearances, and are very greedy. They are richer than all other races and crave gold as much as they do a thick juicy steak. They are the smallest race standing almost 4 feet tall. The men are always seen with a full face full of hair. 
  • Hauket - the native race of Amsnorth mainly keep to private reservations which are restricted by the law for many of the other races to disturb. They are known for their wolflike appearance and high intelligence. The hauket are based of Native Americans.
  • Nimidorians - are the most mysterious and oldest race in all Amsnorth. Being highly rarely seen, they mainly keep to the mountains and underground caves. They are much like the dragons in appearance, which cause many to believe they are related. They have scales, gills and webbed fingers and toes. They can live in either water of land, making them the only race to do so.
  • Orcs - the mutated race of humans that are renowned as being the most savage, deadly, brutal people in all of Amsnorth. They stand roughly around 8 feet tall, with a body full of raw power. They have a dark brownish-green skin tone that is often marked with scars and tattoos to show their clans. They have two jutting fangs which poke out from their bottom teeth, and several colours of eyes, ranging from black to blue. They are based from the Scottish and speak with the same dialect.
  • Trolls - are weak minded simple-folk who are outlawed within many of the lands. They remain under bridges and lurk deep within forests. 
  • Goblins - a race of weak minded people like the trolls. They goblins were, like the orcs, not a race created by the gods, but of dark magic. They easily fall prey to one with great power, and if often the main enemy of the other races.
  • Ogres - are large beasts that can reach to nearly 12 feet in height. They are coloured in a dark purple-black tone. Their skin is said to be so tough that a human would have to spent several moments to penetrate it. 
  • Giants - the tallest race of them all, standing nearly twenty-two feet in height, they are very large and powerful. They live as the orcs to, in clans and with their families. They are often seen wondering the wilds searching for food, herding their mammoths.
  • Dragons - the lords of Amsnorth and the most power of all races. They are large beasts that can reach the length of 90 feet and the height of 20. They are the sole source of magic and have scales that can withstand almost anything. There are four different kinds of dragons: fire-breathing dragon, ice-breathing dragon, wind dragon and the spirit dragon.
  • Leavons - are a race of lion like beasts that live with the wood-elves. They, like the dragons are a sole source of magic. Being one of the oldest races in Amsnorth, they are one of the strongest. It is said that they were the ones that created the forests and green-lands that surround the world.
  • Fairies - are a race of tiny people that live in trees. They are not powerful magic users, but they can use large amounts of spiritual energy, which they use to keep their people safe. 

Animals and Mythical CreaturesEdit


  • Wolves/dogs - are small animals that populate most of the lands.
  • Lions - large deadly predators that stalk the night.
  • Mammoths - giant furry beasts that travel with the giants for protection.
  • Ravens - are smart birds that are used to send messages around Amsnorth. They can understand the speech of humans, making them the only animal to do so.
  • Wildlife - countless creatures that stalk the lands.

Mythical CreaturesEdit

  • Unicorn - a creature of pure goodness, they are magical. They resemble a bright white horse, but have a magical-horn growing out from their heads.
  • Harpies - winged human/bat creatures that are followers of Deyanira.
  • Basilisks - monstrous sea demons that are said to lurk deep within the seas.
  • Cyclops - giant creatures that have one large eye.
  • Chimera - part lion, part goat and part snake. They are magical creatures that have since been extinct, but it has been known for a skilled shapeshifter to take one of their forms.
  • Griffon - a winged creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. They are magical and are said to be as equally powerful as the dragons.
  • Hydra - giant multiple headed beast that can grow more heads at its demand.
  • Leviathan - the supposed largest beast in Amsnorth.