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Biographical information

Other names
Lord of Darkness, Evil's Deed, Death's Shepard
Date of birth
TA 168
TA 360 - TA 4322
Date of death
Alive (trapped in The Vale)

Physical description

5.8 Feet
Hair color
White (early years), Black
Eye color
Purple (early years), Red
Order Rank
Staff Name
"Azugon, perhaps the most powerful person in history. Once a man that everyone could confide their trust in, turned into something that passed a monster. He haunts the tails and dreams of all, and still to this day remains unknown to the people of Amsnorth. His darkness, his evil, has tainted and stained the lands for thousands of years."
―About Azugon

Azugon Eshakāra, (Himbleton) also known as, The Dark Lord, or Tenebre, is a powerful Magical Being, and the former King of Amsnorth. He has left a mark on all the Races of Amsnorth. He is a legendary figure and has been considered mythical by most. He is responsible for many wars such as some of the most famous wars in history, The Great Purge and the Freedom Wars.

Born around TA 168 in the ancient castle known as Blackend Tower, his great magical talents were sensed from his instant birth. The wizard Orsimac sensed this power, and sought out the infant, before any, more dangerous people could get to him first. The wizard found the boy who was being protected by his Rouge Mage mother, and engaged in a duel, quickly killing her and taking the boy to the island known as Wizardear.

The young boy was taken into the Order of Magical Beings, where he was trained by Orsimac himself, who was currently the Grand Wizard of the Order. Azugon took on the name Tenebre as a young student, but up until the age of 12 he changed it to Azugon, as he felt it fit him more.

As time passed, Azugon's power was recognised around Amsnorth, and he was the youngest ever magical being to be promoted to the rank of wizard at such a young age. However his power often got the better of him. The mysteries surrounding his mother was very interesting to him, and many times he sought to learn of her identity. When he found out her nature, and what had happened to her, his rage was uncontrolled. He lashed out at his former master, Orsimac and they both engaged in a duel. Barely beating him, Azugon won and claimed the title of Grand Wizard. 

Azugon severed as the master of the order for many years, and trained many young students. It was not until he discovered the powerful artifact of the dark goddess Deyanira did he begin to fall into the corrupted man he is known as now. Azugon grew wary of the dragons and saw them as threats, as they should not have power over him or anyone else, so he sought to destroy them. However his council members shunned this, and this infuriated Azugon. The Dark Lord lashed out in rage, killing and absorbing the powers of all the greatest Magical Beings of the order, further gaining more power himself. With this power, Azugon tampered with unused darkest of magic to transform himself into a deadly and mighty dragon, being the first being since Jafier Heartan to transform into such a creature.

Azugon launched the Great Purge which saw about the end of the dragons and the powerful royal house known as House Heartan. He gained his victory by persuading weak races such as goblins, trolls and ogres. The great war cost the lives of over two million people, making it the most brutal wars in history. During his purge, he ended many bloodlines that would pose a threat to him, and abolished castles, villages and other things. The years of this war has been described as being the worst of all, as people starved, as Azugon cut off trade routes and destroyed ships and farms. Their were uproars in cities, with many rich folk being killed for gold. This chaotic time played to his advantage as he used this to persuade the weaker to his cause. 

The Dark Lord claimed the Golden Throne making himself King of Amsnorth, something he remained for a further thousand years, before the Freedom Wars begun, created by Jafier Heartan's descendant Tharik Heartan and the elf king Melenki.

Despite the war gaining the favour of the rebels, Azugon and his Army of Darkness put up another burtal fight. Even though this war was not as great as the last, it was considered more threatening, mainly due to the amount of people that rose up against the King. Dwarves also assisted the rebels, using their gold to pay for vast armies. They war took place across the seas and lands, with the Dark Lord's forces being defeated greatly. It seemed the war was about to be over as they attacked Gran Sarathal. Azugon watched from afar, and it was revealed that his old student, Moreusico had been assisting the rebels also. After he defeated his former student, he transformed into a dragon, and used magic to bring all the dead back to life using a ancient dark spell. The war was quickly over.

For a further three thousand years he remained king, he caused people to fall and rise, using greed and gold to cause a greedy land. Much of the beauty had died, with pure places being set to torch. Greatwood Forest became dark and full of bandits and poor, streets and roads were tainted with goblins, and the night was stalked by werewolves, killing hundreds. While he sat on the throne, judging many, he cared little for the suffering of the people. However despite his darkness, he did attempt to help others if they were in dire need, and would kill if anyone, goblin or human stepped out of line.

At some point Azugon vanished, unclear to all where he went, or how he disappeared has risen much questions. No news, nor any rumour appeared after he went missing, and after another rebellion chased out the Army of Darkness, his name became nothing but mythical. 

Azugon's current location was unknown, but it has been revealed that his loyal servant, Ezgoth has found the means to find and revive him.

Character and AppearanceEdit



Azugon during his early years was rather polite and very ambitious. He was kind at times and showed respect for weaker beings. Many times in his youth he spent defending people from bullies, and often settled affairs with magic. He also showed love for growing things, keeping a gathering of plants and flowers in his chambes as a boy. He spent most of his sorcerer and necromancer years healing and helping others, showing his care for life and beings that interested him.

His love for books was also known, with him spending hours a day reading. It is also implied that he has loved another before, as it has been rumoured he cared much for a girl as a boy. However this girl died, and many say it is the reason he started to become dark.


As he grew older and meddled with dark magic, he became more arrogant and cruel towards others, even more the young students at the Academy of Magical Beings. He trained them in brutal ways, hurting them if they failed at a task he ordered for them. His fellow council memebers also saw this, but due to his high status and power none dared to question him.

He wasn't without kindness or compassion, he still loved the weak, and sought to help them. Even though he was strict, he still cared for his students, and taught them the best he could. His love for power did increase during his corruption, but he never craved gold. His interest was set on gems, and objects that contained dark magic. He spent years searching for dark objects, and it is said this drove him nearly insane. People who saw him often mistook him for a peasnt as he did not wash nor groom himself.


When Azugon became corrupted by his own lust for power, he was described as the most evil person in history of Amsnorth. He killed without a reason, and many time for pleasure. He grew to be brutal and a nightmare on millions. He slaughtered innocent people and burning villages to the ground during the Great Purge.

As he ruled as King, he often appeared at conventions, and never took interest in the problems of people, unless something of importance took place. If someone displeased him, he would often ask them to choose between an arm or a leg, enjoying seeing them bleed on the floor. He also raped women for sport, and used magic to make them do as he pleased. All the riots that were started soon ended, with he would transform into a dragon, and he would burn, men, women and children just to set an example.

On his complete reign as king, he has caused the deaths of roughly around 20,000 people, making him the biggest murder ever recorded, and it was because of this Amsnorth's population declined deeply.


Azugo grew with long white hair and had smooth pale skin and soft features. He had dark purple eyes that glistered. He was considered handsome in his youth, and attracted many attention because of it. As he used dark magic, his features slowly changed, his skin grew grey in look, his eyes turned red and his hair went from bright white to the blackest of blacks.


Early LifeEdit

Azugon was born to Millana Himbleson within the dark ancient castle Blackend Tower. His father is unknown to all, but is implied that his mother was raped and impregnated by the man. Azugon did not have a good early start in life as his granfather saw Azugon as a demon and wished to have him killed, however this caused his mother to react violently and she lashed out with dark magic, killing her own father and several of the midwives. 

Baby Azugon

Baby Azugon

His mother fled into the wilderness, fearing that she may lose her child as she has lost so many in the past. Millana rushed into the woods, holding the silent infant in her arms. Azugon made no sound as a baby, never crying when he desired a feed, nor when he was sad. 

Due to the remarkable power that Azugon possessed even as a newborn baby, his abilities were sensed all around Amsnorth by the greatest of people, from good to bad. The Grand Wizard of the Magical Beings named Orsimac rushed to find the young boy before others could find him first.

His mother Millana sought to take him shelter so she could nurse him, but after being refused a bed within an inn, her power raged and she almost murdered several innocent people before Orsimac found her. After refusing to give her son over to the wizard, she and the old man battled using deadly spells. However the young woman was no match for the ancient wizard and was beaten quickly. It seemed that the old man was going to spare her, but after she attempted to kill him using blood magic, he used a spell that destroyed her from limb to soul.

Azugoln was then taken to Wizardear, where he was raised by Orismac and several other maids, servants and other witches and wizards. He was given the name Tenebre, a name he disliked and would shudder at the sound of it.

He was a very confusing baby to many, as he was very slient, never crying at night. It was very difficult for his wetnurse, who could never know if he was hungry or tired. He slept in leaves, loving being near flowers or things that smelled good. 

Training with MagicEdit

The young man's power began to grow increasingly fast, which drew the attention of many within the order. Such people started to speak that the boy had the same bloodline as Jafier Heartan, but no such evidence appeared to show if there was any resemblance between the two. It was at this time Azugon showed great emtion, as the rumours interested him deeply, and he wished for the rumours to be true. The current King of Amsnorth, Zakcumfry Heartan met with the boy, but upon seeing him he instantly dismissed him. This both angered and saddened Azugon.

Azugon trained with Orsimac through his early stages as a mage and sorcerer. The Grand Wizard trained the boy with techniques that none in his age learned, this was to prepare the young-one for his time ahead. Azugon was so talented that by the time he turned 8 he was promoted to sorcerer. This shocked many, and kept doing so as he advanced again within only a short few years to the rank of necromancer.

Azugon training

Azugon training

As a necromancer Azugon started to go out on his own tasks, finding work within the lands of Amsnorth. He found work as a healer, and a battle strategist with many small civil affairs that surrounded much of the lands. The necromancer ventured forth to the dwarvern island known as the Dwavern Kingdom. There he spent two years reading and studying about the dwarves and their ancient steel and gold works. The boy took in as much information as his brain would allow him, and he knew so much that the Lord of the Golden Halls has the boy awarded for founding the use of Dragonblood within potions to help heal the sick. 

Azugon travelled further across the lands, scouting mountains and descovering new places of interests. He founded and created the deep cave known as Dark Haven, located within the Eastern Territories, behind the Dragonbone Mountains. There the cave served as a base as he scouted the lands of the East, and studied the orcs for a time, as he was intrigued by their way of life.

Life with the orcs was something that interested him beyond control. The orcs also found him highly interesting as his magic proved to be a great asset to them. It is unclear how long he spent with them, but after he left he could now use a sword very effectively.

Something Magical Beings do not include within their training is the usage of swords or any other weapon other than the staff they are ordered to built. Azugon loved to hold and wield a blade, using it when he wished to settle affairs without his magical talents. The young man was trained by many skilled knights during his travels and the more cultures he met, the more he learned about their combat style with the sword. The most skilled swordsmasters, the Dark-Elves trained Azugon for more than five months before he was summoned back to Wizardear.

The youngest WizardEdit

"Travelling Amsnorth was something I enjoyed most. Seeing the places I only read in books and tales. That was the real adventure, witnessing the great beyond."
―Azugon on his travels

Azugon was called back to the academy as Orsimac and the Wizard Council wished to speak with him concerning his affairs outside the order. Azugon arrived back at his school and went to see the council without taking a rest from his long travel.

The council and Orsimac agreed that from all the good deeds and interesting works that he has been doing around
Young Azugon

Azugon, the youngest Wizard

Amsnorth was worthy of him being promoted to the rank of wizard. This shocked Azugon as he also knew he was too young for the rank, but the council members persuaded him. In order to take his title, he was required to find the rouge wizard known as Noirin and bring him to justice.

Azugon accepted the mission and set out to find the rouge, searching for clues around Wizardear, and sending messages all around Amsnorth. Eventually he found where Noirin was hiding and rushed to find him. Azugon found the wizard, who did not attack him on sight, but instead bound him in a spell and sat him down for a cup of ale and a chat.

Noirin told Azugon that he did not wish him any harm, that only he wanted to get away from the Order and their imprisoning rules. The necromancer listened to the man for a time, before he ignored his complaints and broke free from his bounds. Noirin was stunned by this and backed off, not wanting to fight without the good enough cause, however Azugon was lusting for his promotion. He battled with Noirin, who refused to fight back, and pushed the man down a cliffside, but this did not kill him.

Noirin bound himself within dark purple smoke, which Azugon quickly noticed was dark magic. He asked Noirin how he managed to use such a spell, and the wizard told him he will teach him how to use it, only if he were to tell the order that he was dead so he could live alone in peace.

Azugon accepted this, and Noirin handed him over his staff for proof that he was dead. Azugon landed the promotion and was awarded the rank of wizard, becoming the youngest in history. He was offered a place in the council, but Azugon refused, saying he wished to travel the lands.

Learning Dark MagicEdit

"There is no other power that can compete against Dark Magic. Its essence, its greatness ... it is only something you can experience."
―Azugon trying to persuade Isabella Mthendale

While Noirin trained the young boy how to use dark magic, he was stilled receiving small amounts from his mentor Orsimac. Due to Azugon now being a wizard he was now able to do as he pleased and venture out into the world to do is own thing, but there were still rules, and he was breaking the most important, Do not tamper with Dark magic. But Azugon found the power interesting and learned many secrets from Noirin. 

Noirin and Azugon travelled together for a small time, finding clues to the power of Deyanira, the goddess of darkness. While the both of them looked for power, they both clashed with each other as they both desired the same thing, power. However Azugon did not see Noirin as the friend his traveller thought, and one day while the old man
Middle-aged Azugon

Azugon grew in power quickly

slept, Azugon shoved a dagger in his neck, causing the man to choke on his own blood.

Azugon then gathered all the books and information from the man and begun to travel on his own. It was in this stage did he find more information about his mother, within Noirin's books. Azugon learned that his mother was trained by Noirin as a student within the Order, and they both left the order together. Azugon had found what he wished for years, to know who his mother was, but it still did not show him anything about her true fate. But it all clicked on to him. A Rouge Mage are often hunted down and killed so they do not spread their troubles, and somehow Orsimac managed to find and train him. Azugon eventually pieced the puzzles together and realized that his mother was killed by his master. This enraged Azugon as the truth was kept from him by his own mentor, and he lusted for revenge.

The DarknessEdit

Azugon knew that if he were to show dark magic to others the news would reach the Order, so he trained within Dark Haven. This place he transformed into his own training grounds. He spent hours and hours reading, and praticing his magic and spells. 

Whenever he desired more information, he would set out to all corners of Amsnorth, seeking and searching for any informtaion. The books Noirin had was a great asset to him, as they set clues and paths which proved to be of use in the long run.

While in the Summer of Priest, he went to the Green Mountains, and found several ancient castles and forts, and within these he stuided the old and first books written by the Green-Elves. Azugon gathered and looted across these mountains, learning more and more.

Claiming a different TitleEdit

"Do not test me boy! I have far greater power than you can imagine."
Orsimac just before fighting Azugon

When he found he had nothing more to learn, Azugon arrived back within the academy and went straight to Orsimac. While the Grand Wizard sat reading, the young man confronted his mentor concerning the matter of his mother, and the information he found in Noirin's books. However much to Azugon's surprise, Orsimac was expecting it. The Grand Wizard knew that Azugon was learning under Noirin, and knew he did not kill him. After Azugon asked why he allowed him to do as he did, the old wizard responded that he expected for him to do the right thing.

Azugon was angry at everything his master told him, and challenged him to a duel, claiming he was unfit for the title
Azugon in battle

Azugon battling against Orsimac

of Grand Wizard. Orsimac was stunned by this, but he could not refuse as it was demanded of him to accept, and so he did. 

In front of the entire Order of Magical Beings, Orsimac and Azugon dueled a deadly battle. For years of training under the old man, Azugon knew all his tricks, as Orismac knew all of his. However the young man had the dark magic waiting to be used, but waited for the best chance. 

They battled across the area pit, and Orsimac begun to get the upper hand on the young man, showing his worth of Grand Wizard by causing Azugon to lose focus and control over his physical self. When it seemed that the old man was about to win, Azugon showed little dark magic, hiding it from the others, which broke the bond between them both. Azugon transformed himself into a cyclops, and charged at his mentor. However Orsimac fought him off, using thunder as his main choice. 

Azugon eventually knew he could not defeat him using his normal spells, and changed his style to aggressive elements, using fire and water to confuse and trick his master, but he still did not get through his defenses. Azugon blasted him with dark magic, hiding it with powers such as spiritual and summoning, as they both come close to that category. Finally he managed to sway his master off balance which gave him the time to bring half a building down upon his head, crushing him under the mighty rocks and rubble.

His victory showed to the other members that he was the most powerful Magical Being on Amsnorth and they promoted him to their Grand Wizard. Even though some of the other beings were cautious of him, Azugon quickly showed his worth of the title before they would come to suspect his hidden darkness.

Ruling as Grand WizardEdit

While as a Grand Wizard he trained many students, most of which went on to do great things. His legacy known far and wide. People from across Amsnorth arrived at the Academy just to speak with him, and hear his words of wisdom.

Azugon teaching

Azugon training students

King Zakcumfry Heartan even asked him for advice, something Azugon was eager to give. Even though he held a personal hate for the king, he never ignored him. He welcomed everyone within his halls, but was careful and watchful. He sought out dark magic, despite keeping it hidden from the others. 

He hired spies to venture out at locations he suggests to recover objects and information. As he could not leave the academt at that time, this was a great advantage to him. He paid these men with heaps of gold, something he cared very little about. These spies did bring back some interesting stuff, but none of it peaked his greatest desires. He wanted something that would boost his power to new highs and reach ranks that no one could ever surpass.

Training Moreusico

When the young boy named Moreusico was brought to the academy, Azugon paid him little attention, and wanted to give him to one his weaker council members. However his second in charge, Morganna liked the boy and took him on herself, much to Azugon's disapproval. 

As Moreusico grew older his skills were showed to be greater than everyone within his year, and greater
Azugon watching Moreusico

Azugon watching a young Moreusico

than most Azugon had seen as his time as Grand Wizard. Azugon started to watch the boy himself, studying his way of training under Morganna and was highly impressed.

When Moreusico advanced to sorcerer, Azugon decided to venture out of the academy with the student, to scout the lands of Wizardear. The Grand Wizard showed the student many things about life and greed. Moreusico was then brought to the city of Garreneari, where he met with the lords and started his first training with a sword. This was the place that Azugon also learned most of his swordplay, something he wanted to pass over to the boy.

Azugon told the boy that he thought that it would be prudent for him to learn swordplay, as it is an important part of both the magical beings lifestyle, as well as the other races. The boy learned under the Grand Wizard for several months before heading back to the academy for further study.

Azugon kept a close eye on him, watching him over time and understanding him further. Even though he remained out of the picture, he still had a say on how Morganna train him, as he wanted Moreusico to be trained as the near perfect wizard

When Moreusico begun a sexual relationship with one of his friends, Azugon decided to sent Morganna to spy on them, and try and find a way to push them apart. Azugon was going to expell them both, but wanted Moreuico to stay on training, and knew if he were to expell Lillian he would follow her. So he found a way to push their relationship apart.

When Lillian left, she was named a rouge, and Azugon saw this as the perfect chance. He sent Morganna and Moreusico to find and being her to justice. Azugon saw this as the best way to remove her from the picture. When they arrived back with the news that the necromancer that had been troubling them for several months was dead, along with Lillian, Azugon could not have been more placed, and decided to take Moreuico under his wing.

Quest for Greater PowerEdit

Finding DarknessEdit

Azugon heard the news that a shrine located within the Northern Terroritories was causing horror and pain towards those who ventured to close to it. The Grand Wizard saw this as the next step in his quest for power, so decided to leave the academy and search the ruins for anything of interest.

As he passed across lands to find it, he noticed that the shrine was to honour the goddess Deyanira, the one he had been looking for all the time since Noirin. Azugon entered the shrine, and used his magic to block out the illusions that tainted the air, the same air that had driven so many to nightmares.

Azugon studied the ruins for the shine, until he found a gravestone type object resting with strange markings. Upon his touch the stone reacted and began to speak to him, in a clear woman voice. Azugon thought it to be the goddess herself, but discovered it was only a part of her soul, trapped within the stone. 

After speaking with the spirit, he took the stone and started to hunt for the others.

Dragon TroublesEdit

As Azugon kept looking for the other stones that would led him to Deyanira, things started to fall down hill as more and more dragons began to appear around Amsnorth. Azugon was never fond of dragons, but he started to grow further wary of them as they began to intervene in his plans.

Azugon vs dragon

Azugon fighting his first dragon

Azugon first encountered a hostile dragon as he travelled across the Strands of the Axes, when one was attracted to him through the dark object he held within his pack. Azugon fought with the dragon,and after a close battle, he managed to slay the beast, but not without cost. He lost his staff in the process.

Something strange then happened. As he sat resting, the stone begun to speak to him, giving him ideas and filling his head with acknowledge. Azugon was then taught by the stone how to use powerful magic without the use of the staff. Azugon then never used a staff again.

Azugon knew as he travelled for the stones, that dragons will keep being attracted to the stones because of its power, and knew that his quest for power would never be complete if the dragons were still roaming free. So his first thoughts to eradicate all dragons came to mind.

The IdeaEdit

After finding two other stones about Deyanira, Azugon demanded a meeting with the council. Once they all gathered he informed them of his intentions, and much to his surprise they all laughed, except Morganna. Azugon was furious and tried to show them the truth behind the dragons and that they were dangerous, but they would not listen to him.

Azugon vs Orsimac

Azugon unleashing his magic

Fulled by anger, Azugon turned to Morganna and asked her for help, but she did not respond to his request. Azugon had only one other option, to find and speak with Moreusico and find out if he would help him, but he refused almost instantly.

Azugon begun to grow further more angry, and turned to the stone for more guidance. It informed him more of dark magic , and how to control and convert ones' power to your own, boosting your powers and making you more deadly through their suffering. This made Azugon smile, and he rushed to test it. He did so by killing a group of young mages, and used the spell take their power into his own. Azugon thirst for more, and went on to find more to kill.

The BeginningEdit

Azugon killed his first council member when he turned his back, absorbing his power into his own. This made him move on to the next, until they caught on and the whole Order was alerted. The Magical Beings were ordered out of the school, and were being escorted to Gran Sarathal. Azugon quickly rushed to prevent this, and while he went, he encountered Moreusico again.

He asked his old student to join him again, but Moreusico refused, and so he attacked him. But before his spell could reach Moreusico, Morganna stepped in and blocked the attack. Azugon fought them both, having to use all his power to hold them both off, until Morganna forced Moreusico away, leaving only them two left.

Azugon lashed at her, but Morganna was very powerful, and soon noticed that he was using dark magic, and begun to use it herself. This stunned Azugon as she had been using it under his nose for so long. After a long and bloody duel, Morganna used a devastating spell that caused earthquakes and exploded the entire school with a blinding light.

After Azugon awoke from the knock out, he rushed to find the magical beings and discovered that they managed to flee. Azugon then begun his quest to take over Deyneria's lands.

Getting the Grunts and RuntsEdit

Azugon first started to look for an army along the borders of the mountains, moving in and out of cave to find goblins, trolls and vampires. He found the goblins first and managed to sway the leader to join him, but playing with their weakness to the strong. 


Goblins bending to Azugon

After he got the first lot of goblins, they passed the message that Azugon was their new master, serving under their god and creator, Deyneria. Within only a few weeks thousands of goblins had arrived to plea to his cause. As the goblins came, vampires and werewolves, along with spiders and snakes followed him. Within three months he had over 6,000 people in his Army of Darkness. But there
Azugon and goblins

Azugon with children goblins

was something not finished about the army, he knew, so went off to find the ogres. When he found them, he spoke with the leaders and they also accepted due to his charisma. 

The Reanimate SpellEdit

During one of his nights, the stones he found decided to speak with him once more, informing him of a spell that could change his efforts within the war almost instantly. Azugon was more than interested and listened closely to what they had ready for him. After he knew what to do, he sought out the first person to try the new spell on, someone who would be utter obedient towards him.

He found Ezgoth, the young necromancer that trained under Moreusico. Azugon killed the young man without a word or thought on the matter, and used his new skill to bring him back, and when he did Ezgoth followed him without question.

Great PurgeEdit

As the Great Purge began, Moreusico remained within Gran Sarathal, assisting King Nark III Heartan as he tried to hold off the Army of Darkness. Azugon used this time to gain more and more slaves to is cause, by persuading sick people to join him for his magic to heal, and pirates as they craved gold above all.

Moreusico also trained many people that he had rescued from the academy, trying to teach them magic so Azugon began to take over more and more cities, with his power strectching even to the Dwavern Kingdom, where he conquered the Golden Halls.

Azugon ordered many of his troops into the thickest of lands, to take over many villages and to halt the trade made to most of the cities and villages, to cause starvation within the walls, and so eventually the people begun to turn on each other. This was what he wanted from the start, and used this to send his people in to wipe most of them out.

The DragonEdit

One of the most important tasks that Azugon himself underwent was the search of a ancient and powerful dragon named Parmonusius. This dragon, the last of the three Great Dragons, was said to be the wisest and most powerful of all living dragons, so Azugon hunted for him for months,

This task was difficult for him as he could find no trace of the great beast. While he was fighting a war, he decided to place it aside, and come back to it later, but he still kept an ear and eye ready for any rumours.

King of AmsnorthEdit

Man of horrorEdit

Azugon ruled with more hate and anger than anyone before him. He sat on the Golden Throne and enjoyed it greatly. He spent hours a day sitting and waiting, what he was waiting for is long forgotten, but many believed he was waiting for Moreusico.

Many say that Azugon made it one of his major piorities to find his former student, are try again to win him
Azugon sitting on throne

Azugon on the Golden Throne of Kings and Queens

to his side. However Azugon himself cared little for him, and what he does. The Dark Lord was now ruler of Amsnorth, and was feared by all.

The lands changed over the years and years of his reign, the once beauty was now gone, replaced by darkness and evil. The people for a time could not cope with such evil, and many suicides were made. Marriges were rare, as many did not want children. 

However Azugon eventually caught onto this, and feared the population would fall too much. He set a rule for all beings of Amsnorth, that everyone must marry by the age of 16, and have at least five children by the age of 30. He also created another rule, if one could not have children they were to be killed. 

There were no words for his cruel ways, and many riots were made. Azugon made his army into the main government across all lands, named Army of Darkness by all, with Ezgoth serving as its main president. These people were tasked with making sure the law was kept, and that all people were working and paying their debt in full. As it was back then, that everyone was in debt to the crown, and had to pay more than 70% their income to the crown.

Azugon benefited greatly from this as Goblins and Spawn do not desire gold, and these made up most of his armies. He did not have to pay him, with enabled him to fashion weapons and armours, and built forts and towers, and more statues of himself.

The people eventually came to adapt the ways of Azugon, and he used this to search for more clues on Deyanira. The goddess spoke to him many times through his dark objects, wishing him to bring her to the lands, so she may have her world. Azugon even though loving the goddess, did not desire to share it with her, or serve under her. So he decided to seal all her objects within a powerfully protected tomb. He told no person of its whereabouts.

Freedom WarsEdit

When rumours begun to rise that a lone man baring the name of Heartan had beginning to make a name for himself, Azugon sent his people to find him, but they could never pin point his location. Over time it became worse, and people from the cities started to leave, and a rebellion begun.

Freedom Wars

One of the many battles of the Freedom Wars

Azugon never took it seriously to begin with, and sent out hundreds of his armies to search and kill all people involved, it was not until Melenki, the hidden elf king, formed an alliance with the human, did Azugon begin to worry.

He started to prepare for war, and did so by summoning lords and nobles, forcing them to join him and send him armies, but this backfired quickly, as whenever these men were tasked with finding the rebels, they joined them.

It turned into another war quickly, and many battles were fought. The rebels had showed their imense skills and defeated the Army of Darkness many times. The Dark Lord began to fear he would lose, as more cities fell, some of them willing and joining the rebels. 

Tharik Heartan sent a raven to Azugon, telling him that the war was over, and that he would soon fall. The Dark King then summond his entire forces to Gran Sarathal and prepared for a full scale war. Many creatures came to his side, and he even sent out a request to the orcs, which was never answered.

When the human rebel attacked the capital, Azugon was ready and he met him head on. The battle was huge, the largest ever recorded. Tens of thousands met on a huge ground, rain erupted, snow and forst arrived. Fevers killed more men than swords, many say. The seige lasted four months, with each attack worse than the other.

It was not until the last day did the rebels manage to enter the city. Azugon battled against his enemies, but there were so many of them, and many generals weilded enchanted weapons. Knowing they could wound him, he begun to start back and let his forces deal with them. It was then Moreusico appeared.

The two battled, and Azugon faced his greatest battle yet. The young student was fuled by rage and vengence, that the wizard struggled to hold him off, even using dark magic. However Moreusico's rage was also his weakness, as he made mistakes. Azugon managed to defeat him, and transformed himself into a dragon as the army begun to take the city.

Using dark magic he turned the fallen into more armies, and Tharik along with the elves, dwarves and hauket were overpowered and forced to flee. Was so then the Freedom Wars ended, and Azugon tortured Tharik Heartan in front of the poputation of the capital, before he killed him.


After thousands of years Azugon ruled, with no other war rising up against him. He now had the world he wanted, and never grew tired of ruling it. Time passed and passed, and eventually he began to grow insane. 

Evil tomb

Azugon trapped in a tomb

Many records showed that he went that insane he clawed most of his face off, leaving scars and torn tissue. His eyes were red and crazy with rage, he was more buckled and slender looking. He had turned into a demon, shadow and death itself. Many believed him to be cursed.

Azugon's powers never dwinled however, but he did begin to search for Deyanira again. His searches took him to the Shard Mountains, where he encountered a presense that he thought gone, Moreusico. He landed and looked for the strong magic, but as he did he fell into the trap. He found himself freezing, his body shutting down. Moreusico had turned him into a statue, sealed by ancient and powerful spiritual magic. Unable to break free, he found himself drifting into darkness.


Around TA 9,663 Ezgoth managed to break the spell that Moreusico had created. Azugon, weak and frickle, managed to summon magic to release himself completely of the spell, awakening.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Azugon is a legendary fighter when it comes to using a blade. He was taught by many cultures to perfect the use of his sword, and cut down as much people with the blade than he did with his spells and tricks. He taught many students during their youths, such as Morganna and Moreusico


Considered one of the greatest magical beings in history, Azugon was highly skilled in almost every category. His spells were so powerful that he did not need a staff to conquer or project his abilities. He gained most of his skills through taking it from others, but his talents prior the Great Purge where beyond that of any during that time. He managed to defeat the Grand Wizard Orsimac, the title on very powerful people gain.

  • Dark Magic: Azugon perfected this early, and studied from the relics of Deyneria herself. He could use mostly, if not all the spells assigned to this category, and he could use the spells greater than no other person, including the famous Flemorra.
  • Elements: Azugon managed to use all kinds from these spells, including progressive, aggressive, defensive and offensive. He managed to create anything involving the elements.
  • Spiritual Magic: Azugon was a master at this as he liked it due to its similar way to dark magic.
  • Blood Magic: Azugon used blood magic to fuel his rage and power. He can wound himself or others to help use amazing powers, but the cost can be great, unless you are good enough.
  • Shapeshifting: Azugon could shift into almost anything he wished, and was the only person aside from Jafier Heartan, to transform into a dragon.
  • Lightening: Azugon was a master at using this spell
  • Summoning Magic: Azugon could summon many things, including swords, axes and even the undead to fight for his cause. He can mix this with the dark magic and bring forth spiders and snakes.
  • Reanimation: The new dark spell that made the famous Spawn army. This spell has never been attempted by a living soul before, and its power is almost unmatchable.

Dragon FormEdit

While in this form, Azugon could wipe out dozens within seconds. He had control over the fire breath, and could also use other magic in this form, making him very powerful.

He had enchanted:

  • Speed, going up to 130 MPH
  • Strength, could kill with one swipe of his tail
  • Agility
  • Magic
  • Armour, covered in tough dragonscale


  • He is very evil, and considers himself a good guy
  • He stands 6.6

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