Dark elves
Name Dark-Elves
Dominions Wizardear, Burnt Islands, Main Lands
Languages Elvish
Height 5-5.5 Feet
Skin Color Grey, Black, purple
Hair Color White, Grey, Black, Brown, Orange
Lifespan 8,000 years
Distinctions Vicious, ill tempered, agile, slim, cunning, wise

 Dark-Elves are a race of elves that reside within the island of Wizardear. They were once the global power house race, and were regarded as being the most wise and cunning out of all the races. Throughout history, the dark-elves have been on both good and bad terms with the other races, and their fellow cousins, Wood-Elves do not regard them as kin, because of their unkindly history.

The elves were the leading race and known for the founding of the Dark-Elf Empire, which was reponsible for the foundation of Amsnorth as it is known now. May name these elves the creators of the countries around the Main Lands, as they lead the first villages and scouts around the kingdoms to increase civilizations. Even though these elves are not liked by many, there are few that have been known to assist the other races. They are known for their amazing sword skills, and are often trainers within armies. They have ranks for the most acomplished dark-elf warriors, with the Velmistru being the highest rank.

Since the empire's destruction, the dark-elves have been in a state of economic failure, and because of their historical mistreating of other races, no other government has stood up to assist them. The growing hatred for these beings have marked them outcasts from certian cities and civilizations.


Most Dark-elves have red and purple glowing eyes with skin tones varying from somewhat greenish and the more common gray to the occasional light blue. They are known to be strong, intelligent, and quick, however, are also said to be ill favoured by fate. Both male and female have a height similar to most of the human races, though they are normally taller than their wood-elf cousins but smaller than the green-elves. They are all fond of tough clothings, and most members of the spieces wear leathers and hard steel. 


Dark-elves along with their fellow kin were the first mortal race in Amsnorth. However unlike the other elves, these
First dark elves

First dark-elves

are much more agressive and more greedy. The Dark-elves were once known as the rulers of Amnorth, before the dwarves risen from their underground cities. Their emperors were known for their vicious ruling styles, and were the seat of power within the Burnt Islands. Their ruling government, the Dark-Elf Empire spread across the kingdoms like a viruis, inflicting pain, horror and slavery. While these negative things were not truely bad, these elves helped built the world as it is known now.

When the dwarves rose up against them, they engaged in a small war which only lasted a few weeks before the dwarves eventually formed an allience with them. Ever since that day, the dwarves and dark-elves have had a good relationship. But this would not come to last, as the dwarves begun to plot against the empire, and lay the first foundations of the War of Gold and Black. Even though the dwarves did not participate in the actual war, they were responsible for making the humans take their place. The humans along with the Wood-Elves and Green-Elves brought the empire down, and since that day the dark-elves have been forced into an almost state.

War of KingsEdit

During the War of Kings, the dark-elves saw the best chance to seize back their original power. While Dargorn Boulderarm, and Jafier Heartan fought between each other, Saaelas the Dark-Elf King, pursed his own intentions, by forming an alliance with his oddly frail human king, Sinteal Ashstone. Sinteal eventually gained the friendship of Jafier, from the request of Saaelas, and she played them both, picking the winning side.

Saaelas captured Sinteal Ashtone after learning of her betrayal, and raped her many times. He then set to marry her so they could combine their armies and he could claim her lands by right of marrage. This however was thrawt when King Jafier Heartan killed Sinteal during the attack of the elves. Safdraen the wood-elf king, assisted Jafier in destroying the dark-elves. Since that defeat the dark-elves have lost all thier titles, power and wealth. 

Freedom WarsEdit

Dark-Elves were one of the races that refused to assist the rebellion led by Tharik Heartan, however there were few that participated within the effort. They served as training instructors and warriors, but many of these did not aid the human king. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

These elves are the most skilled swordsmen in Amsnorth, although not the strongest, their brute skill and speed, and agility make them highly dangerous in battles. Their unique style and discipline make them for deadly oppoinents.


Dark-elves are the best in Amsnorth for their skills and style with a blade. They wield a katana and are highly lethal with them, by using their great speed to move in and out of their foes with great ease. Also they are trained with high discipline and are taught to use their skills with courage. If one elf were to fail in a task, they are forced to take their own life out of dishonour. 


Like the wood-elves, they are very skilled in this art. However not as acomplished as their fellow kin, the dark-elves are till dangerous and skilled with the use of the longbow. Like swordplay, they are forced to use archery with discipline, and are not allowed to use their skills unless they can perfect everything.

In the BooksEdit

Dark-Elves are never showed as being the good guys within any part of the story. They are greedy and very negative towards the other races. 

However Jafier Heartan does contain a dark-elf friend, so they are not entierly the main enemy of the races, but more the antiheroes.


  • They are not inspired by the elves of the same name within the Elder Scrolls games
  • They are baised off the cultre of the Japanese
  • They also wield kantanas
  • Their main warriors are known as Velmistru, which is Grandmaster, in several different languages
  • Dark-elves are more skilled in swordplay than any other race