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Biographical information

Other names
Lady of the Wood, The Dark Witch, The Witch of Amsnorth, Mother of Orcs, Master of Darkness
Date of birth
TA 65
Date of death
TA 117 (52 years)

Physical description

4.8 feet
Hair color
Eye color
Order Rank
Staff Name
Morganna (temporarily)
"The most powerful dark witch of all time, Flemorra was legendary. Her skills with Dark Magic was unrivalled. Her skills eventually created the famous Orc race."
―About Flemorra's powers

Flemorra more commonly known as the Lady of the Wood, (TA 65 - TA 117) was a powerful magical being and witch. She was considered one of the most powerful dark witches of all time, and is more know for her creation of the race, the Orcs. The feats that Flemorra possessed in creating the orcs, was legendary, and this marked her down as one of the most powerful being in history. No one has ever managed to create a race out of Dark Magic, and no one has done so since.

Jafier Heartan considered her to be a powerful witch, and even said himself that she may hold power that could match his own. This was demostrated when she faced the powerful wizard, but was defeated in a battle some consider to be the greatest magical duel of all time. Many people have speculated that she may be one of the greatest dark magic uses of all time. However Flemorra was not loved by many, and often some ventured out to kill her fearing that she was Deyanira in disguise. 

Flemorra had many children, but the only one that was known was Morganna, who later became one of the most powerful witches of her age. Flemorra taught her daughter much of Dark Magic and how to control it, which granted Morganna almost immune to dark magic's corruption. 

Due to her tampering with dark magic, she was approched by Jafier Heartan, knowing that a duel was about to take place, she begged the wizard to spare her daughter, to which the wizard agreed and decided to take her back to the Academy of Magical Beings. Jafier then killed Flemorra after a duel, then buried her body next to her hut. The tree known as, Folixious grew from her grave, and is said to curse anyone who eats its fruit.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Flemorra was a cruel and vile woman, however not completely emotionless. She cared much for her children, and was seen doing so when their lives were put in danger. Morganna stated that when her older brother was being attacked, Flemorra sensed this from hundreds of miles away and managed to conjure a storm to save his life. 

Flemorra evil

Flemorra was a tricky woman, often trying to poison people with gifts

Flemorra also showed compassion for those who shared her hidious appearance. Many times people would often wonder into her woods, and she would only let them pass unharmed if they were of a ugly appearance. However, Flemorra despised people who looked down upon those who were either, poor or unwanted. 

The dark witch was not attractive in the slightest. She had dirty greasy grey hair, cocked eyes, buckled teeth and wrinkley and saggy skin. Many called her the prime example of fairy tale witches. Her nose was long and broken, with a huge lump resting at the very tip. The lump was so big that it even proved difficult for her to see past it. She often wore long dark robes, that were as old as herself, and were covered in holes and patches. Her eyes were bright white, and held no pupils. Those who stared into them, said it was looking into the bright light of death. It is unknown if Flemorra was born with the looks she later possessed, or if she obtained them due to her meddling in Dark Magic, but many people who have studied her, have speculated that her appearance came from her experiments of potions, one of which had gone wrong.


"No one knows about Flemorra's past, but many have believed that she was the daughter of one of the four Original Beings. It is unknown which being this was, but it is said that she was abandoned at a young age, and left to fend for herself. Finding a home within some of the darkest places in Amsnorth."
―A paragraph within The Life and Death of Flemorra, the Lady of the Wood

Early LifeEdit

There have been little evidence of Flemorra's true life, but due to year of her birth, many historians have put pieces
Young Flemorra

Young Flemorra with a dark creature

togther, and have believed that she may have been the daughter of one of the Original Beings. Jafier Heartan was ruled out of this, which left VigexsorEyvwin and Islilla. It is unknown which of these powerful beings was the parent of the famous Flemorra, but whoever it was, abandoned Flemorra at a very young age. It is said that she managed to survive by using her magic beyond extremes, implying that she might have been the most powerful young Magical Being of the generation. Flemorra's life went unknown, it was not until she reached the age of 15 years old, did she reappear, but this time within Darkwood Forest. She gained the reputation of the Lady of the Wood, as many people who ventured too deep into the Forest were met with curses and sometimes gifts. Some people saw her as an omen, others a demon, which caused nearby people to seek her out in vengence.  Flemorra remained untoucable, as she used her magic to hide herself and her hut, only revealing it to those she was
Flemorra's home

Flemorra's hut

interested in. Throughout her years, she meddled with Dark Magic, and grew fond of ruins and runes that contained very dark powers. It is unknown if Flemorra was a worshipper of Deyanira, but many people have said that she was.

Throughout her life within the woods, she spent creating spells and potions, one of which went wrong. It is said that this failed experiment caused her appearance to change into a more hideous one. Her potions are also very well known, some of which have cursed diseases and illnesses. Her reputation with potions was a good one, and she would often hand them out to the poor, or those who could not afford the services of healers.

Many ChildrenEdit

Flemorra made it her one goal as a young witch to have as many children as she could. The cause of this is unknown, but many believe that she was asked to do so by the dark goddess Deyanira. Because Flemorra was not 

Flemorra beautiful

Flemorra disguised as a beautiful woman

attractive and many men would not go near her, she disguised herself as a whore, using magic to influence her appreance. 

When she was with child, she would wrap herself within a shield, like a cacoon where she would remain until the child was born. She also used magic to speed the pregnancy up. While a normal human would carry a child for 9 months, she carried it for no more than 4. 

With these children, she crafted her own tavern and opened it to the world. This tavern was later in the future discovered and taken over after Flemorra died. The tavern is named Greenland Tavern. Flemorra made herself many gold pieces with all the wonderes that ventured through her lands. She often disguised herself so many do not know her true identity. 

When a travelling noble came into the tavern, Flemorra was instantly taken by him. His looks were dazzling and the witch sought to sire a child with him. After he claimed a room, she transformed herself into a beautiful woman to seduce him, until they shared a night. 4 months later, Flemorra gave birth to another daughter, which she named Morganna. Flemorra knew that this child was the one she had desired for so long. She had the looks of the nobles and the power that she held. 

Flemorra showed great compassion for her new child, and loved her more than her other children. Morganna also showed that she possessed the powers of her mother, and so Flemorra begun teaching her how to use magic, mainly that aimed towards Darkness. Morganna spent most of her early life in Darkwood Forest, never seen leaving it. Flemorra ensured that she was protected at all costs, often conjuring dark creatures to watch her every movement. Morganna was an adventurous young girl, and was seen rushing through the woods, in attempt to escape her dark followers. However, Flemorra would know instantly if she was getting too far away, and would create a vortex, which would transport her right back at the hut.

Flemorra had a further child after Morganna had reached her fourth year, this young girl, whose name was unknown, shared her mother's disgusting appearance. Flemorra is said not to have loved this one, as she has the others, and did not spend much time with her. Morganna however, did. 

Creating the first OrcEdit

At one point Morganna was playing with her little sister in the woods, while Flemorra was tending to their dinner. It
Flemorra making orc curse

Flemorra creating the orc curse

was then, Morganna burst into their home, screaming that a stranger had found them. Flemorra, not believing it, went to find her youngest daughter, and found her dead. In rage, Morganna attempted to kill the man, however Flemorra stopped her. Flemorra confronted the Mountain Man, informing him, that his actions to kill one due to their appearance was worse than the killing itself. She then conjured a very powerful curse, inflicting the man with a deadly spell that transformed his appearance. 

This spell, unknown to Flemorra at the time, would eventually form and create one of the most feared and powerful races in Amsnorth, the mighty Orc. She then forced the man to leave, making him live with the horrible curse of being cast out and hated due to his appearance. This news eventually lead back to Jafier Heartan, who then soon sought her out.

Fighting a LegendEdit

When the news of Flemorra's actions reached Wizardear, the Magical Council was furious to find out that she had done such an act. An action was taken to put an end to the curses and dangerous spells that she had been creating. The people got behind the idea, and started to form mobs in order to bring her down.

However dozens of magical beings were sent to find Flemorra, however each of these people were killed by the powerful dark witch, who uses illusion and dark spells to trick them. While she did not engage many of these in direct contact, she did posion and trick many of them.

Flemorra vs jafier

Flemorra vs Jafier

Because of the deaths of so many magical beings, Jafier Heartan left Wizardear to seek her out himself. Jafier was well aware of Flemorra's skills, and used his own magic to breach her shields and eventually revealing the location of her hut.

After Jafier asked her to come with her to Wizardear, where her fate would be decided elsewhere, Flemorra refused, and challenged him to a duel. Transforming herself into a younger form, to make the duel become more in her favour when against the elder man. Flemorra asked Jafier Heartan for only one thing, if the duel did not go in her favour, for her daughter to be raised better than she had been, to be loved and cared for. Jafier agreed to this, and their duel ensured. The battle was legendary, with much of the forest being burned down, causing the forest to become broken. Fire scorched the ground, Dark Magic filled the air and killed the living within the forest. The clear waters became swamps and the sky around it became black and toxic. 

After a struggled duel, Jafier Heartan eventually managed to disarm Flemorra and fired a Dark spell, which drained her of life. When Flemorra died, Jafier honoured her powers, and burned her hut and goods together to make a grave. He then set off a spell, which would allow of tree to blossom from her grave. Jafier later found Morganna, and took her back to the Academy of Magical Beings, where he would have her trained with dozens of others.


Flemorra is considered to be one of the most powerful beings of all time, and her actions have shaped and
Flemorra during her later years


transformed Amsnorth into the world that it is known to many now. Her creation of the Orc has become world-known, and she has been the talk of much education. The Orcs however, do not see her as a symbol, often remarking her as only their Mother. Her potions of spells have also went down after her death, with many Magical Beings even learning the spells she created. Azugon also favoured her own inventions, one of which was to transform their own bodies. Azugon would later expand this spell, allowing him to become a dragon.

Her potion creations are used by hundreds of healers across Amsnorth, and have been the key in saving many lives of diseased and sick people. Her poisons have also been used many times, and have been responsible for the deaths of just as many lives as her potions have saved. Many believe that this is her demanding payment for the lives she has saved. 

The most famous thing to come out of her legends, is the Folixious tree. This tree, which resides within Darkwood Forest, is said to be her last curses. Whoever eats the fuit that grows upon its barks, will gain either death or further life. Very few people have been able to eat her fruit, the most famous being Azugon himself. This curse inflicted upon him, allowed him to regain his youth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"I wish I could have met her, testing mine own great power against her own."
Azugon on Flemorra

It is known that Flemorra is considered one of the most powerful magical beings in history. Being able to hold her own against Jafier Heartan, who is perhaps the strongest of all, was something none had ever been able to do before. Azugon himself said that he wished to have met with Flemorra, and has stated that she would have proven to be a great challange.

  • Element: it is said that Flemorra perfected this stage with great ease, and was capable for summoning waves of fire and earth at the same time, somehting that no many have been able to do.
  • Dark Magic: One of her best skills was the mastery of dark magic. Being the first to study the magic, she was greater than no other in the art, even Azugon himself. Flemorra used dark magic to create and shift the human into the very first orc.
  • Shapeshifting: Morganna said that her mother shifted into hundreds of different creatures, she said it was so hard to understand, that she would often walk through the woods and speak with a tree, thinking it to be her mother. Due to her powers in shapeshifting, it is perhaps one of her better abilities.
  • Illusion: Morganna said to Ezgoth at a point in his training that her mother was a master in illusion, which had the young mage interested instantly. 

In the BooksEdit

Flemorra is not seen in the novels, but her image is shown many times in Dancing with Magic. Her tales and legends are mentioned by Azugon, Morganna and Moreusico.


  • She invented the first orc
  • She is perhaps stronger than Azugon
  • She could transform into almost everything, including a leavon
  • Her appearance is inspired by the author's younger sister
  • Her favourite colour was purple, which is also her daughter's favourite.