A Statue of a God

"The Gods are represented in many ways. Some a dark some a good, but the true god is the Mystic Dragon. He is the father of gods, out creator and the worlds harbinger. Although the dragons are prayed upon by the people as gods, they are not actual gods"
―About the Gods

Gods are the people of legend that are featured in many stories and tales. They are all said to have created the world that is known as Amsnorth. The main god, who is considered the father of all things, is the Mystic Dragon. He has three children, Athanasia, Deyanira and Chanduka.


There are many takes on the gods, each of the four gods are represented in different ways and cultures.

The god Chanduka appears to be a sort of animistic religion. The elves, are the main worshipers of this god as he is said to have created the animals and lifeforms around the lands. The other gods are more worshipped as they all show parts of emotions, the Mystic Dragon shows all things like courage, destiny, hope and love, while Deyanira is hate, passion, anger, jealously and cruelty. 


The gods are all worshiped in there own way. The Mystic Dragon has the most shrines as he is worshipped by many across Amsnorth. The tradition of his worship is for them to pray via his shrines and temples, and therefore they can access the god's mind and be set on a path.

Deyanira has a very different manner to be worshipped, as her people hold sacrafices to summon her spirt to answer their wishes. Althought not many pray to her due to her harsh nature, many who do are often driven to insanity because they are corrupted by the goddess.

Chanduka and Athanasia hold the same kind of worship as they all hold rituals to summon their gods to answer their prayers. The hauket perform similar things to worship the dragons. They all sit around a fire and summon their gods through chanting and prayers.


  • Mystic Dragon
  • Deyanira
  • Chadunka
  • Athanasia
  • Azugon (by goblins and other dark creatures.)