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Jon Mthendale

Biographical information

Other names
The Useless Hunter, Fat Man
Servant (formerly), hunter
Date of birth
TA 9570
Date of death
TA 9615 (45 years)
Bow and arrow

Physical description

Hair color
Black and grey
Eye color
Gareth Mthendale, Martha Mthendale

Jon Mthendale (TA 9570 - TA 9615) was a human male and father to Isabella Mthendale. He was for over 20 years the servant to House Heartan and a good friend to Gaston IV Heartan. He was a personal advisor to the king, as well as his other nobles and lords. However when Gaston's jealous younger brother, Harken II Heartan begun a rebellion against Gaston, Jon fled the city, fearing that his loyalty to the king would endanger his life and his daughter's.

When Jon left Gran Sarathal with his daughter, only aged 2 at the time, he fled to Seatown. There he believed that he could bring up his child in peace away from royalty and other affairs. He is known around Seatown as the Useless Hunter, this is because of his constent attempts at capturing meat.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Jon is a kind man but sometimes very harsh towards others. He is straight forwards and will tell anyone who displeases him his thoughts, no matter who they are. He cared very much for his daughter, Isabella Mthendale and is seen protecting her many times during her childhood.

Jon Mthendale is currently an obese man with layers of fat circling his face, mainly his chin. He has small brown eyes which hide under his loose skin, and bright thick red lips. His skin is grim looking and holds much winkles and marks. Above his lips there is a thick bushy mustache. 

However Jon was not always the fat mess he is know. Isabella Mthendale had seen paintings of him as a young man and was considered rather handsome. 

Early LifeEdit

Jon Mthendale was born to Gareth and Martha Mthendale. He was borned and raised within the walls of Windhark, where his parents served as servants to the nobles living within the city. Jon on the other hand had no interests in serving any lord, so he went on his own way. During his early teens, he was known around the city for venturing into the wilds to attempt at hunting, but was very rarely he turned up with any.

When he was fourteen his mother died of a heart attack, and his father took him to Gran Sarathal to find better work. Gareth approached Robert V Heartan and begged the king for a place of work.The king granted them their request and Jon and Gareth were placed within the castle. 

Jon disliked his time within the captial as he thought it was not for him, but after a few years he had little choice but to accept that this was his life.

When he turned sixteen his father died of an unknown cause, which caused Jon to run his own life without his father's aid. 

Serving the KingsEdit

When Robert V Heartan died, his eldest son Gaston IV Heartan took over the crown, and Jon was prompted to the main servant to the king. This was due to the strong relationship that the two men had while they both grew up within the city. 

Jon admired the man because of his love to help people, and disliked his younger brother, Harken II Heartan. When Gaston IV ruled as the King of Amsnorth, Jon was hiis main assisant in all of his affairs, and was seen at every meeting. Jon was named the Master of Logic on the Kings' Council. There he was responsible for many of the affairs around the city.

Jon Mthendale

Young Jon Mthendale

At the age of 27 a woman handed him a child claiming that she was his daughter from the affair they had not so long past. Jon at first had doubt about the child, but eventually took her in. He named her Isabella Mthendale and she remained with him inside the Castle.

Jon was one of the first people to have become aware of Harken II Heartan's intentions to kill his older brother and seize the throne for himself. Jon and Gaston, along with the old wizard Moreusico plotted to defend the king against his brother, but they were both too late as Gaston was eventually murdered.

Jon had only one choice when Harken took the throne, serve the new king or suffer being murdered like Gaston. Jon feared for his daughter's life as she knew little of what was happening. 

While Harken ruled over Amsnorth Jon served as the Master of Logic, but after all his dissaprovals of Harken's decisions, he decided to leave the captial. This angered Harken, and he exiled Jon from the borders of Gran Sarathal, that if he were to return to the city, he would be hanged.

Fleeing to SeatownEdit

Jon was worried on his way to the large village off the coast of the Western Territories, named Seatown, that he would not make it through the bandit covered lands. So he hired a lone sellsword to escort both himself and his two year old Isabella

Through theirr time venturing through the wilds, they were attacked many times from wolves and other dangerous creatures. Lukily for them both, the sellsword was a talented duellest and managed to get them through the uncharted lands without any major wounds.

When they arrived at Seatown Jon spoke with the Lord and they were granted a house. When Jon saw the house, he refused as he thought it was too much for them. So instead he picked the small hut that was located near the end of the village. 

Years in ExileEdit

As the years past Jon and his daughter remained within Seatown. Jon forbid his young child from leaving the village and deemed anywhere outside of the safety of the place dangerous. He persauded the dwarf named Yimli to late Isabella in for a job, there she would work to help pay the taxes and bills of their home.

Jon lived as the Hunter of the village, but was considered useless as he did not return with much food to trade. However when he did he charged large amounts of gold for his meat, which granted himself and Isabella large amounts of gold. 

Finding the DragonEdit

One day Jon went out on a hunting trip for two days, and when he returned he found something horrifying sitting on his daughter's bed. Scared he snatched the young beast up and dragged it into Greatwood Forest. He attempted to kill the creature, but was stopped by Isabella before he could perform the act.

He was stunned that his child would attempt to save the beast, and let it go. Within moments he regretted his acts as he saw the creature cling to Isabella Mthendale like a newborn baby would its mother.

Jon was curious of what creature the beast was, so began to read through the books he had within his house. However none showed any signs of the beast. When Isabella brought in a small red book, Jon decided to flicker through it, and eventually he came across the decription that fit the dragon perfectly. He along with Isabella had no idea what a dragon was.

The LossEdit

In 0 BPD Purple-eye was taken from Isabella by a gigantic dragon. This wounded the child and Jon was thrown into depression because he could not get his daughter to speak to anyone. Jon tried many times to bring her back to current, but after so mant attempts he could not budge her.

However after days of not speaking, Isabella fianlly moved. But this was not what Jon wanted as her thoughts were to leave Seatown and set off to find the dragon. This horrified Jon and he begged for her to stay, but no matter what she said his efforts were in vein. 

Jon was last seen in Seatown where Isabella left him, standing broken.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Jon was not skilled in combat, but he was not completely useless. During his time within Gran Sarathal it is likely he trained in combat with the princes, Gaston IV Heartan and Harken II Heartan as it is required for a servant to train with their lord.


It is unknown if Jon was skilled using the sword, but it is implied that all servants learm to use a sword to train their lords. So many would say he was skilled with a blade, not not great. Also along with the sellsword he hired, Jon protected himself and his daughter many times during their travel to Seatown.


Jon was not very skilled in archery, althought despite this he was not completly rubish. He knew how to hold and use a bow effectivly, but due to his large size, he was not very good at sneaking up on his prey, which gave him the title of the Useless Hunter.