Leviathan, the largest creature in all Amsnorth

"Rumour says that these massive beasts were larger than cities. Their skin stronger than the greatest of steel, many claim that even the dragons would be scared of such monsters."
―A person describing the Leviathan

Leviathans are massive legendary creatures that have been featured in many tales and stories. They are described as being the largest creature in Amsnorth and are said to reach the length of 500 feet. 

The most common explanation of the leviathan was featured within the Mythical and Legendary Creatures novel. Within the pages the great monsters are said to even frighten the dragons.

In TalesEdit

The leviathan has been told many times through time, and each example has been similar to the next. Although there have been no sightings of such a monster, many have claimed to hear its roars. Many say that it dwells beneath the deepest and darkest of places, and feasts upon basilisks and black whales. 

In the Mythical and Legendary Creatures novel, they are described as being over 500 feet long, making them the largest creatures in Amsnorth. They are told to be stronger than any creature and can crush ships within seconds. They eat and kill basilisks and other massive beasts that swim the seas of Amsnorth. 


These monsters have not actually been seen, but there appearance is said to be as follows.

Leviathans are giant serpent like creatures that resemble a snake in structure. They have webbed horns that appear down their entire body, and have over one thousand fins, which enable them to swim up to great speeds. 

They have four tiny eyes on either side of their head, which are said to flash like stars, yet if one were to look upon them, they might die from freight. Their mouths can stretch to 50 feet, which can swallow a dragon whole. It has over three hundred large fangs within its mouth.


  • They can move faster than a dragon
  • It is said they can kill almost any creature
  • They are not magical
  • There has been no sightings of this creature, which makes its actual appearance unknown