Beast-like giant
Sparsely Populated
Woodland Realms
Frozen lands
Across all Amsnorth
First found within
Dark Territory
"Savages, brutal, vile and barbaric. These beings, are not like your common friend, these are monsters. They will kill you without hesitation, and will eat your dead corpse. Ogres are highly dangerous, and wondering travellers, should think twice when approaching one of their camps."
―The Law's description about the ogre

Ogres are a race of giant beings that live within the wildreness of Amsnorth. They are aggressive and like the orcs and goblins are hated and hunted around the lands. They are known for their fat/cream purple like appearance and giant structure, althought they are not as large as a giant, but their strength is known to suppass them.

An ogre is the only race that is forbidden to enter any normal civilization, and are hunted more than anyone else. This is mainly because of their cannibal ways, and will likely kill anything living, other than their own kin. However they have showed compassion for others like them: goblins and trolls mainly, and were one of the races who suffered from Azugon's high charisma. They fought along side him, and saw him as their king.

Not all ogres have bee terribly bad, and some have helped many before. They are capible of respect and courage, and love for their familes, just as a human or elf would. But it is their reputation that have given them a very bad name, and most ogres now are killed on sight.

Ogres are not a long live race, with the average lifespan being around 40 - 50 years.


Ogres stand around 12 - 16 feet tall, and are built with mass strength and possess more fat that four humans combined. Their arms can become as thick as tree trunks, and their legs as wide as that of a mammoth. Their skin is a shade of purple/cream and covered with scars, mainly because they fight among themselves. Their eyes are small, and they have two jutting fangs, similar to the orc coming out of their lower teeth.

Some ogres, mainly males have horns sprouting from atop their heads, which serve as weapons within battles, and also the larger the horns, the more fierce they are seen as. Females are more slender than the males, and stand around 10-12 feet, however like their fellow kin, they are pure power and fat. They are also not fighters, and are always seen tending to young ogres. 


Ogres first made an appearance around 15,000 BPD, when the Golden Age begun. Their first appearance drew large attention as they were mistaken for large beasts. However after their ability to speak, they were then classed as being a Race of Amsnorth

These beings have attracted much attention over their time, with the main examples with them being hosts of large groups of thugs and bandits. For thousands of years ogres were known to be the bandit leaders of over 200 clans. They were considered some of the most dangerous beings for a long time as their massive size and strength made them almost impossible to defeat in close combat. But over time, they became more and more native, with many of their kin spreading across the seas where they formed their own clans.

Due to them being hunted, the orges were forced to remain far away from civilization, and made homes within mountains and deep forests. Most of them reside within the Dark Territory, mainly because of its restriction and quiet area.

Great PurgeEdit

When the Dark Lord Azugon begun his quest to take over Amsnorth, the ogres were one of the first beings to fall to his power. When Azugon approched them, he used his massive charisma to influence them and persuade them that he would make their race florish. 

After the ogres joined Azugon, they were covered in great steel armours and were commanders and battle leaders within armies. They were responsible to attacking and invading villages and small towns and farms. it is said by many tales that the ogres slew more innocent people that any other member of the Army of Darkness

The ogres led the attack on Gran Sarathal while Azugon waited within the shadows for the right chance to attack. They hauled over thirty massive gate bashers to the gates of Gran Sarathal. Once they breached the gates, they charged into the city and raided throughout the streets, murdering and slaughtering all within their path.

After the death of King Nark III Heartan, the city soon feel, and the orges were the main commanders in routing up all the people and brining them to the dark lord. For their part in the war, Ogres were named the Lords of the Wild, and commanded the hauket. Thier reign of terror was responsible for the deaths of thousands.

Freedom WarsEdit

Once again when Azugon required their assistance, the ogres formed up into armies and marched along side the Dark Lord and his Army of Darkness. Ogres however did not play as much of a major role as they did in the last war, but instead served as generals, and remained behind the scenes.

However once Tharik Heartan begun to tear through the forces of Azugon, more ogres were recurited and sent out into the thick of the battles, but even this did not weaken Tharik. This was confusing to Azugon, but the truth was soon revealed after news had reached his ears that the Wood-Elves led by Melenki were assisting Tharik.

The ogres charged and fought in many battles, but despite their mass power they could not overcome the massive armies of the rebels, and they soon retreated back into the wilds, where they waited until Azugon called for them once again.

Driven AwayEdit

When Azugon vanished, this caused much panic among the race of the Ogres. They worried as they no longer had the protection of the Dark Lord. Their worries were not in vein as the hauket fought against them. With the assistance from the humans, the hauket drove the ogres from their lands, and killed dozens of them in the process.

The ogres were thrown back into the wilds where they have remained for thousands of years.

Current StatusEdit

Ogres currently still stalk the lands of Amsnorth, however they are few in numbers. This is due to Harken II Heartan, as he issued a bounty on all ogres. This has caused them to ally with the goblins, the old race they once formed a friendship with thousands of years prior.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ogres are tought beings, and were generals and commanders due to this. They were known for their power and can be very quick despite their size. It is said that an ogre donned in massive and great steel armour is among the most powerful and dangerous fighters in Amsnorth.


Ogres are not very skilled in swordplay, but like the giants they have great strength which can allow them to
Horned ogre fighting

Horned Ogre fighting

swipe the air with great speed and power, which can stagger and even kill many people at once. Ogres do not learn swordplay, but there have been few who have, and they are often regared as being some of the strongest fighters in history.

Azugon had many ogres trained during the Great Purge, but left them after he won Amsnorth. Many have said that this was one of his many faults through time, as if he still had fully trained ogres the rebels would not have dared to attack him head on.