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Biographical information

Other names
The Blue Wizard, Wizard of Lightening
Date of birth
TA 100
Date of death
TA 347 (247 years)

Physical description

7 feet
Hair color
Brown (youth), White (older)
Eye color
Order Rank
Staff Name
"Do not test me boy! I have far greater power than you can possibly imagine! "
―Orismac before fighting his student, Azugon

Orismac (TA 100 - TA 347) was a powerful magical being and the Grand Wizard of the Academy of Magical Beings, up until his death at the hands of his student, Azugon. Orsimac was once one of the most powerful figures during his time, and was trained in the magical arts by none other than Jafier Heartan himself. Orsimac was also one of the very first magical beings, which allowed him to progress to Grand Wizard at such a young age, taking it at the age of 100 years. 

Throughout his life, Orismac was the key figure in restoring the lands of Wizardear, and assisted Jafier in building the Order of Magical Beings. Orsimac also trained many students, other than Azugon, both who would become legendary magical beings themselves.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Orsimac was stubborn, wise, grumpy and kind. He is known for his strong words, and always leaves the academy if anything or anyone requires his attention. He loved his people and was always ready to help the races of Amsnorth. He also hated discrimination towards others, and was one of the few that did not hate the known orcs.

Orsimac was tall standing close to 7 feet in height. He was slender yet had long pointing features, with a crooked nose, buckled teeth, and uneven eyes, that sparkled a shade of grey. He had long white hair and the bottom of his face is almost covered entirely in hair.


Finding AzugonEdit

During one of his travells he stumbled across a terrifed maid scurring through the woods. The old man confronted her, asking what is wrong. The maid responded that she had witnessed magic, dark magic that had killed a house full of people.

Orsimac then gave the woman food and pointed her to the direction of the nearest village. The old man rushed off to find the woman, fearing that she may use her dark magic against more innocent people.

When he found her, he noticed that she carried a baby not too long born. He sensed the amount of power flowing within the child, and offered to help her. The woman fled in fear, and Orismac rushed after her. Once he caught up, she attacked him by unleashing deadly magic. Orsimac blocked it with little effort and noticed that he was not trained in the arts of magic.

He offered her once more to come to him, and she will be safe within the academy, but the woman was to driven by fear that he would take her son away, she attacked him again. But this time Orsimac lashed out in rage and killed her with a powerful spell, oblierating her nearly into ash.

Orismac then picked up the baby and looked at him. He was stunned by the calm experssion upon his small face. The boy's black eyes looked up and him and Orismac felt himself ease slightly. He knew that he possessed great power and took him back to the academy.

Training the BoyEdit

Orismac oversaw the boy throughout his training within the academy and was astonished by his remarkable power. At the age of ten the boy passed through all his tests with ease, and even read most of the books within the library. The old wizard decided that it was time to be promoted to sorcerer

He brough his intentions to the council who all shunned him and told him his words were false. Still the old man still pressed the matter, and eventually they accepted. When Azugon entered the Selection, he passed with speed and little effort, breaking the time by days. 

The council were shocked beyond contorl, and promoted him. But they wanted to test his powers further, so forced him into more challenges. Orismac along with the council believied that he was the descendent of Jafier Heartan as his father was unknown to them. But as they progressed then noticed that there was little Heartan resemblence between them.

As the boy grew more powerful, Orismac contiuned to teach him more, taking him on long quests and gave him dangerous missions throughout Amsnorth. Azugon often asked his master for words of wisdom, and the old man gladly gave him a response, but whenever the boy asked about his mother, Orismac refused to give him the answer.

Fighting the RougeEdit

When it was reported that one of the necromancers had run rouge, Orismac decided to test his student's powers even further. He took Azugon with him as they searched the lands for him. Then young boy found tracks that led them to the necromancer.

Orismac found his cave and told the boy to wait for his orders, but instead the boy insisted that he prove himself to the council and wanted to fight the necromancer himself, alone. Orismac was at first resistant, but decided to send him in, but remained close if he needed his assistance.

When Azugon arrived to fight the necromancer, he engaged with him in a deadly dule. Orismac looked in astonishment as his student overpowered a man twice his age and power. Azugon defeated him and asked if Orsimac wanted him alive. Orsimac looked on and smiled, but told him that the necromancer must die due to his lack of wisdom. Azugon then demostrated something that made the old wizard very, very cautious. He sent forth a vortex of dark magic that shattered the necromancer's very body and soul, causing him to burst into clouds of ashes.


As Azugon became a necromancer, Orsimac spied on him several times, trying to find out how he managed to use such a power. He found several books in his chambers that were not from the library. They showed horror and destruction within the pages.

But the young necromancer was not as evil as Orsimac thought, and so decided to wipe the idea from his mind. However when Azugon asked him again about his mother, the old man begun to grow worried. He feared that with his power, Azugon may not like that he had killed his mother, the woman he had spent years trying to find. 

Last BattleEdit

When Azugon appeared in his chambers when he had just received his promotion as wizard, he told Orsimac that he indeed found out who his mother was. And as the old man feared, Azugon did not take it lightly, and challenged him to a duel in front of the enitre council and magical beings.

Orsimac did not want fight his student, but had little choice as he lashed at him with spells that he did not teach him as a child. Azugon informed him that he had a new master, one more powerful that any other within this world or the next.

The old wizard tried his best to hold off the young Azugon, but struggled against his might. Enraged, Orsimac unleashed his true power against him, sending him backwards. Orsimac gained the upperhand and it seemed that all was lost, until Azugon fired a spell that killed him instantly.


After his death, Orsimac had a picture painted of him placed within the chambers of the Grand Wizards. Azugon had the picture placed there to honour his power.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Orsimac was a powerful wizard, and was the Grand Wizard of the academy, meaning that he was greater than every wizard or witch within the order. He is known as the master of lightening due to it being his favourite spell.

  • Element: Orsimac was said to be great in the stage of element spells. He has never been seen using such magic, but due to his status as Grand Wizard it is implied that he was a master.
  • Spiritual Magic: Orsimac used this to teach Azugon quickly about the aspects of magic.
  • Lightening: This was his favourite skills, he was a master at summoning lightening and could use it without effecting himself, and could use it progressively, thus making large amounts of storms.