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Rise of a Legend
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After the Dawn
Wisdom Dragon
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The Old One
40,000 BPD
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"A being so old that it was likely he was alive during the first areas of history. His knowledge, his wisdom has been the foundation of the Races of Amsnorth."
―About Parmonusius

Parmonusius is an ancient dragon and the oldest living thing in history of Amsnorth. Not much is known about it, but what is known is that it is one of the three Elder Dragons. Parmonusius is the last one living and is considered one of the most dangerous creatures to have walked the lands of Amsnorth. 

The Great Dragon is perhaps the strongest being alive, and has more knowledge than any book. It is rumoured that he lay down the first writtings and speech, that would eventually form into the first languages. He is also considered the be the first of all dragons, and the first child of the Mystic Dragon


Parmonusius' true appearance is unknown, as no person alive has met him. However many drawings and ancient descriptions say he was almost snake like in looks. He had no wings, no tail, but instead his body was one long body, and there are several legs hidden within his solid scales. He can fly despite having no wings.


The dragon is one of the three ancient dragons that are said to be the first of their kind. They are known as the Elder Dragons. Each of these have their own names and meaning:

  • Trakavimty - the dragon of fear
  • Vivintrolix - the dragon of courage
  • Parmonusius - the dragon of wisdom

Many stories have been told about the dragon through the races. The elves believe the dragon to be the true son of the Mystic Dragon, while the hauket believe it to be the saviour of the world. The dwarves on the other hand see the dragon as Athanasia, their creator.

Parmonusius has been featured in many stories and songs, with the most popular being in children's stories. He is described as being the hero of the lands, and the wisest thing to have lived. While many think the dragon is long since dead, he still dwells in hidden lands known to none but himself.

Dragon of WisdomEdit

Parmonusius is known as the wisdom dragon due to his remarkable intelligence and insight of the future. While he cannot perdict the actual outcome of the future, he sees brief images of them and uses these to inform those of the upcoming events. He is also the only dragon, aside from Trakavimty and Vivintrolix to be able to speak. He can also speak all the languages of Amsnorth and can communicate with animals via his interllect and mind.

Entire books were written based of his intelligence, and the ancient drawings and writtings found in deep underground caves, are believed to be his doing. It is said that if anyone were to kill the Great Dragon, they would receive his knowledge and become the next Dragon of Wisdom, as they will inherit his great mind.


The dragon of wisdom was the main target of Azugon during the Great Purge. The Dark Lord searched across all lands for him, but could not seem to find him. Thousands of goblins, spawn and ogres were sent to find him, but nothing was ever reported of his existance. Many say this because of is future seeings.

No matter how hard Azugon tried to find him, there was no trace of where he could have ventured. Azugon thought that he lived within the Pure Islands, a place that was protected by the strongest magic of all, that no one alive knew of. He tried several times to breach the magic, but was unable. 

However it is unclear if Azugon could have possibly defeated the Great Dragon, as he knew everything about everyone, and knew about all magic. Azugon's power could have possibly been uneffective against him.


Parmonusius' true power is unknown, but due to being an Elder Dragon, he is possibly the strongest and greatest of his kind. He has the same power as all the dragons combined, the power of: fire, ice, wind and spiritual. But his strongest abillities are maybe his mind and intelligence. 

He has never been seen in combat before, but Azugon considered him the main target during his reign, and thought him to being the greatest rivial and threat he knew. Even though Azugon ruled as King of Amsnorth, the Great Dragon never sought him out, nor wished to fight him, so Azugon begun to believe he did not exist.


  • It is refered to as a he even though there is no proof
  • His name is spelled - Para-mon-sus