Western Territories
Lord Oalson Thash
All Gods
24,000 (Consisting of Humans
and Dwarves
Lord's Castle
Places of note
Micro's Shop of Jewels
The Ice-Breathing Shrine
The Night-Shine Inn
The Garden of Hope
The Grand Tree of the Gods
Date of founding
Age of Heroes
19,000 BPD
"Large trees as thick as the hoses they lay next to were beautiful, their bushy pink leaves fluttered in the wind. Each person that lived in Phylon was wealthy; this city is so expensive that mostly only nobles and the rich can afford to live there. Each house was made from solid mountain stone, the glass was elvin glass and was as strong as iron. The doors were made from oak and each had a different colour. The houses moved up onto a slope and at the top was the enormous lord castle, the large flag of the lord flapped in the wind. Bridges curved over small undergrounds, rivers and ponds surrounded large houses, scrubs and plants filled the streets with glorious colours."
Isabella's first thoughts upon seeing the city.

Phylon also known as Wakayio is a large city located in Üswana. It is the third largest city after: Gran Sarathal and Qhylen. Phylon has been considered since the Freedom Wars, as a dwavern city. It is one of the most heavily armed cities in Amsnorth with its walls reaching nearly one hundred feet in height. Many skilled archers and catipults lie across its walls, forever watching the sight ahead. 

Mainly humans populate the city, but it is owned by dwarves and their lord's stubborness has has the city in many troublesome situtations.


The past of Phylon was not all that interseting up until the point of the Freedom Wars, When King Tharik asked the dwarves of the Dwavern Kingdom to assist the rebellion against Azugon, the Lord of the Golden Halls demanded that the dwarves were granted a city within the main lands, and that their race was once more allowed to live within their lands.

When the rebellion lost, the dwarves were still granted the city after Azugon has vanished. This ensured that the dwarves were once against on equal terms with the humans and elves.

Landmarks within the cityEdit

Micro's Shop of JewelsEdit

The largets and most popular shop in the city belongs to Micro Gemtone. This shop brings the highest and most valuable gems and jewels from across the seas, and as far as the Dwavern Kingdom itself. 

The shop is also one of the highest taxed building in the city, with the Lord drawing almost two hundred gold pieces from it per week. 

Ice-Breathing ShrineEdit

A tourtist attraction within the city, the shrine is not that popular with visitors. Its tall brillant white colours and soild steel and marbel floors are always seen the perfect colour and clean. This may be due to the fact that the temple does not see much people.

The Night-Shine InnEdit

Sleeping Inn

Night-Shine Inn

The most popular thing around the city is the inn. it is a large place of refuge that dozens of travellers use every day. 

It severs cold wine, ale, water and other drinks every day, and is open without fail. There are many services that the inn offers to its guests one of which is the bed for the night. The Night-Shine durng the night time becomes a brothel, where many women from across the city go to their job. 

This is something that is not known to many around the city, with the exception of Lord Oalson Thash, who agrees to this due to the amount of gold he recives. 

The Garden of HopeEdit

A small garden located to the far side of the city, hidden by many houses and huts. The garden is a relaxing place where many elderly and young go to either relax or play. 

There is nothing magical about the garden, although it gained its name thousands of years ago when the attack on Phylon begun during the Freedom Wars. It is said that many goblins passed throught the garden, seeking to slaughter the cityfolk. However the garden seemed to react to the inruders and the tales say that the goblins were chased off by the plants ad flowers. This thoery has not been proven.

The Grand Tree of the GodsEdit

A large tree that is rooted in the center of the city. It is located not far from the Ice-Breathing Shrine, and is
Tree of the Gods

Tree of the Gods

often seen glowing in the dark.

It is not known what god the tree is for. 

Noble ResidentsEdit

  • Lord Oalson Thash
  • Lord Galson Thash
  • Commander Atros Flint
  • Ser Pentos Flint
  • Ser Bomer Rombet
  • Jacob Hightower
  • Dajon Greatbear
  • The Juggling Fool
  • Gremer Duskbroad
  • Tom Coolo
  • Myles Strickhold
  • Ser Franklyn Gardens

Villages within the city's bordersEdit

  • Rorktown


  • Redtown
  • Seatown
  • Falkstar
  • Reach

In the BooksEdit

Phylon is a major city that appears in the first novel Dust and Shadow. It is the very first city seen in the series, and focuses on some of Isabella Mthendale's emotions.

The city appears throughout the series as the books progress, with many more twists and turns in the novels, which will be explained and left open to think about.


The city is located Southwest of Gran Sarathal for a good few hundred miles. It is roughly sixt miles from Seatown, the main village of the story. To its west there is the Plains, a wilds where many of the Western Territories creatures lay and reside.