Male Troll

Trolls are a race of huminoid beings that inhabit all the lands of Amsnorth. They are known to lurk beneath bridges and are always seen around rivers and lakes.

Trolls are known for their hidious features and agressive attitude, however they are largely unlintelligent and are easily fooled. They are also drawn to gold and jewels.


The origins of the trolls are told in many ways. The most popular being, that the Mystic Dragon created them to be hideous in appearance to differ them from the other Races of Amsnorth. 


Trolls are largely hideous people with overly long necks, crooked features, dirty and blochy skin, and long creepy fingers. They are taller than the average human and are much more skinny than the Wood-Elves. Makes are easily spotted by their large jotting teeth and small uneven eyes, while the females remain hidden.

Current StatusEdit

Trolls are widespread, and inhabit all the lands of Amsnorth. However, like the orcs , goblins and ogres, trolls are not permitted to enter any kind of populated civilization other than their own, which makes them outcasts.

Many travellers have been killed by trolls, either because they carry gold and jewels, or if they threaten them in any way. Also trolls have caused much trouble for trade across the lands, as they attack caravans to steal food and other supplies.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Trolls are not very skilled in combat, however they are very fast and agile. Trolls have never fought in wars or battles, they only fight when to protect their familes or their own skin. 


Trolls do not use a longsword, but perfer the use of daggers as they are cheap, easy to hide and easy to draw. They use daggers in a sloppy way, but if they are close enough they can be deadly as they are very fast on the draw.

In the BooksEdit

Trolls do not play a major part in the novels, but they do appear briefly, and are often used as a comic relief, as they are potraited as being mildly stupid.

Isabella Mthendale encounters one on her travels to find Purple-eye and gets into a tight situation with one.