Yimli Blackstone
Book Series(s)
Tales of Amsnorth
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Appeared in
Lord (formerly)
Also known as
The Imp
Fire Head
Tavern Owner
50 BPD
Place of Birth
Current Status
House Blackstone
Blackstone Family

Yimli Blackstone is a dwavern tavern owner, and formerly Lord. He was raised within the Dwavern Kingdom and was a lord in his time within the Golden Halls. He currently stays within the Western Territories in the large villages named Seatown, where he serves as the owner of the Barred-Maid.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Yimli is harsh and stubborn. He is very cruel to most he meets, otherwise they impress him. He has a large dislike for humans, with Isabella Mthendale being his main target for insults and abuse. However he does like the Dark-Elf Nyra, but this is probably due to her cold heart. 

Yimli is like most dwarves, he stands roughly 4 feet in height, and is chubby and obese. His features are thick and round, with his bushy fire-like hair shaggy and wolly.

Early LifeEdit

Yimli was born in the Golden Halls, he is the son to Lord Blackstone. He is the third eldest, and therefore he saw no place for him within the family as he was not the next of kin to seize the ancient seat of his house. This angered Yimli and he eventually climbed aboard a ship, while stealing thousands of gold from his family, and sailed to the main lands.

Yimli first went to the city of Phylon where he served under Lord Oalson Thrash. There he grew in age and was taught more of power and greed. After years of spening his time there, Oalson granted Yimli ownership over several of the business along Phylon's borders, including inns and taverns.

Yimli picked the Barred-Maid because of its remote location, and its large trade within the West.

Recruiting IsabellaEdit

When Jon Mthendale approached him about his daughter, Yimli instantly refused. This was mainly due to his dislike for the child, as she has proven to be a pain to him when she was but a child. However Jon managed to persaude the dwarf somehow, and Yimli decided to take her on, but mistreated her none-the-less.


  • His name comes from Gimli, from Lord of the Rings